• What’s the greatest football boot of all-time?

    Nick Moore has picked out 20 memorable boots, spanning the decades: it’s time to decide once and for all which are appealing and which are appalling.

    Ah, that feeling when you get hold of a brand new pair of football boots, ready to slip them on for the first time. There’s nothing quite like it. But if you got given any of the boots below, would you be dazzled or ready to shove them back in the box [then set fire to it]?

    We don’t encourage arson at FourFourTwo, but we do encourage debate. So below are 20 varied boots for you to rate, along with key background on what makes them famous.

    From the black-and-white kings of the past to modern kicks so bright that you have to wear shades as you do up your laces [assuming they even have laces], we hope there’s something for everyone. Just upvote the boots you like and downvote the eyesores that you wouldn’t let near your feet. Enjoy…

    Which is the greatest football boot of all-time?

    Which is the greatest football boot of all-time?

    Tell us which is the greatest football boot in the history of the beautiful game from our list of 20.

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