• Bayern Munich, German FA urge UEFA to introduce salary cap


    Bayern Munich and the German Football Association (DFB) want UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin to introduce a salary cap in European football.

    DBF president Fritz Keller criticised the “absurd salaries and transfer fees” which he feels now characterise the top end of the game.

    Keller revealed that he has spoken with Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge about the idea and that the pair are in agreement, and will be making a proposal to UEFA as a result.

    “There are absurd salaries and transfer fees that are no longer credible,” Keller told reporters.

    “We have to talk about salary caps. I am glad that I agree with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on this point.

    “Therefore, we will write a letter to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin.”

    Rummenigge alluded to the idea in an interview with Sky at the weekend, noting that former UEFA president Michel Platini had suggested it years ago, touting the idea of following the salary-cap model used in the United States.

    He said Platini had the support of Europe’s biggest clubs, but “we were told from the outset that this could not be brought into line with competition laws”.

    Keller added: “The end result must be a regulation that conforms to European law and also applies to Britain.

    “We must bring professional football closer to the people again.

    “The current crisis has brought to light problems in football that were previously overshadowed by ever new [transfer] records.”

    The current world transfer record is the €222 million (£198m/$263m) Paris Saint-Germain spent to sign Neymar from Barcelona.

    In a post-coronavirus world, it seems unlikely that record will be broken any time soon.

    Former Bayern president Uli Hoeness has said he doesn’t believe there will be €100m transfers in the coming years while Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici has predicted that football will begin to resemble the NBA.

    That would mean an increase in player swap deals, rather than straight cash transfers.

    Away from such matters, Keller also confirmed that an argument between himself and Rummenigge had been resolved.

    Keller had made some derogatory comments about the “bigotry” of millionaires in football which Rumennigge took to be aimed at Bayern, but he now says they have spoken about the matter and put it behind them.

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