• PUMA unveils LaLiga Winter Ball

    PUMA presents the Official 2019-2020 Winter ball, which will be used for all of the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank professional matches starting 25 October.

    This follows the signing of a long-term agreement between PUMA and LaLiga, in which the sports brand became the official sponsor.

    With a 18-panel heat-sealed structure, the LaLiga football is a perfect sphere that guarantees better stability, a soft touch and reduced water absorption. The bigger panels allow a better connection with the sphere.

    One of the new details is located in the 1mm Hi-Solid Dimple PU (San Fang) casing which improves the aerodynamics and also provides high resistance to the graze and wear and tear, which create better durability and high-performance levels.

    The structure of this advanced design is similar to that of a golf ball to assure a straight path and better consistency in the shot. Likewise, the incorporation of an additional POE foam layer improves the touch and increases sensibility, which results in a firm touch and an improved rebound consistency.

    This football is reactive in shots and has an explosive potential. The air chamber is made of rubber with the PAL valve (PUMA AIR LOCK) assuring excellent air retention.

    Talking about the design colours, PUMA has opted for a very daring combination with pink, green and yellow that will offer more visibility in winter.

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