• Premier League stars face pay cuts amid national lockdown – report

    Premier League trophy

    Premier League players could be asked to accept deferred salary payments after the next meeting between top-flight officials, say reports.

    All football activity in England has been suspended until at least 30 April due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Every club in the Premier League has now stopped day-to-day operations as players train alone and staff work from home.

    According to ESPN sources, the 20 clubs’ chief executives will consider asking footballers to take pay deferrals at their next video-link conference call on 3 April.

    It appears likely that football across the country will be put on hold beyond the current provisional date at the end of April.

    Any attempt to introduce pay deferrals would need to be given the green light by the Professional Footballers Association, but would be unlikely to meet resistance.

    Football clubs face a difficult period, with no income available from gate receipts or broadcasting revenue.

    Most teams in the top division are believed to be on a sound footing financially, but only the super-rich could afford to maintain their current expenditure for long, as they face up to the possibility of a prolonged absence of games.

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